Platinum Proof Series Coin Release: United States Mint Announcement

The 2024 coin celebrates the Bill of Rights’ right to assemble :


The U.S. Mint announced that it’s going to release the fourth coin within the fifth. the first change to the United States Constitution platinum-proof coin collection on February 15, 2024. 

The Mintage of coins has been limited to 12,000. Orders for the first 24 hours are limited to three units per household. 

The primary amendment to the American Constitution platinum-proof coin collection depicts the five freedoms mentioned within the First Amendment to the US Constitution. 

Launched in 2021 and will continue via 2025. 

“Congress shall make no regulation respecting a status quo of religion, or prohibiting the unfastened workout thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the clicking, or the right of the human beings peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

This series uses the lifecycle of an oak tree from seedling to mighty oak as a metaphor for our country’s evolution as a nation that values ​​freedom.

Freedom grows from a seed to an aspect of electricity and splendor in our invoice of rights. 

Each freedom noted in the First Amendment contributes to the boom and development of the kingdom. 

Donna Weaver is the Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) designer and has created all the head designs for this series. 

They were struck by the United States Mint Chief Engraver Joseph Mena. 

The obverse design of 2024 shows several oak leaves gathered between the inscription “With the right to assemble freedom spreads”. 

Additional inscriptions are “In God We Trust,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “2024.”

The reverse design commonplace to this series by AIP designer Patricia Lucas Morris depicts an eagle in flight, an olive department in its talons. 

The inscriptions are “United States of America,” “$100,” “1 ounce,” and “.9995 platinum.” 

American medallic artist Don Everhart created the reverse. Each coin is encapsulated and housed in a fashionable clamshell and presentation field. 

An image of the original design is protected at the outer packaging sleeve and certificate of authenticity. Like every mint product containing metal, this coin may be priced within that range. 

Wherein it seems on the pricing of numismatic gold, commemorative gold, and platinum and palladium product tables. present-day pricing records are available online. 

Freedom of Religion (2021), Freedom of Speech (2022), and Freedom of the Press (2023) are the series that include coins with the design.

The United States Mint

Congress created the United States Mint in 1792, and the Mint became a part of the branch of the treasury in 1873. 

The mint is responsible for producing circulating coinage for the nation to behave it’s alternate and trade. 

America Mint also produces numismatic merchandise, like evidence, uncirculated, and commemorative coins; congress gold medals; silver and bronze medals; and silver and gold bullion cash.

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