1961 Most Expensive Rare US Coins: Valuable Collectibles

The study and collecting of coins, or numismatics, is a fascinating field where rarity, art, and history all come together.

So if you want to avoid accidentally spending a small fortune, let’s dive into the world of numismatics for more coin discoveries and valuable information.

The interesting aspect of this hobby is the discovery of rare coins, each of which has its own unique story and value.

 In this article, we will explore the realm of rare U.S. coins from the year 1961, examining noteworthy items that have drawn the interest of both fans and collectors.

1961 Lincoln Cent

The 1961 Lincoln was graded by PCGS as PR69 Deep Cameo, striking a bright medium orange mint color with fully sharp cameoed surfaces.

This dazzling Ultra Jam 3,28,2 is rare in a stunning condition of 44 pieces, BGASC reports that there are only 10 specimens in this high grade, with no fines, it was sold for $6,600.

1961 D Washington

The 1961 D Washington quarter is graded by PCGS in Mint State 67 according to Heritage Auctions.

The 1961 D Quarter Dollar mintage reached 84 million pieces, making it readily available through gem status.

The certified population is significantly reduced in premium gemstones compared to MS67, the red-gold reddish color and forest green toning follow the left margin on both sides and are much darker.

The reverse design elements are sharply struck and exude pleasing luster from all sides with impeccable preservation.

This CAC-accredited piece has so much charm, it was sold for $822.

1961 Franklin Half Dollar

The 1961 Franklin half dollar with double die reverse is graded as PR67 by PCGS Cherry Pickers, which lists three different double die reverse varieties of the 1961 half.

FS 8001 is by far the most prominent and the variety listed in guidebook peripheral letters is very thick and shows clear doubling but the pickup point is simply unum.

Which is extensively Northern Immaculate, twice DED, and with full golden brown tones at the margins, was sold for $882.

1961 Jefferson Nickel 

1961 Jefferson nickel graded in mint State 66 full steps by PCGS  according to Stacks Bowers a fine for the advanced Jefferson nickel Enthusiast.

This gorgeous upper-end gem is essentially brilliant with intense satin white luster virtually blemish-free.

An impressively sharp strike that sets this coin apart from the vast majority of circulation strike 1961 nickels produced it ended up selling for $10,800.

1961 D Washington Quarter 

The 1961 D Washington quarter is undoubtedly from the original Mint set graded by PCGS in Mint State 67 Plus.

This originally and attractively colored Washington Quarter emerald displays the most vivid shades of orange and gold.

Especially on the front, the surfaces are extremely smooth and the luster is nothing short of intense, although the full late 90% silver is available.

Issues such as the 1961 D Washington quarter are surprisingly rare in fine mint state grades, which ultimately sold for $24,000.


The value of coins may fluctuate depending on market demand and conditions.

It is important to have any coin graded by a reputable coin grading service to accurately determine its condition and potential value.

Additionally, rarity and demand may vary between different numismatic markets and individual collectors.

If you are considering buying or selling rare coins, it is advisable to consult a professional coin dealer or numismatist.

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