10 Rare Coins Mint Mark Varieties

10. 1943-P Jefferson Nickel RPM 5 Variety Vista Plate Coin 

09. 1919-S LWC RPM -001 Repunched Mint Mark 

08. 1912-S Lincoln Cent RPM 1 Variety Vista Plate Coin 

07. 1944- D Jefferson Nickel D-D RPM FS-501 Very Nice Coin Steps

06. 1928-S Standing Liberty Quarter MM FS-501 Inverted S Rare

05. 1928-S Standing Liberty Quater MM FS-501 Inverted S Rare

04. Rare 1954 S Over D Nickel- MS- 65-Beautiful Gold Toned- Both Sides

03. 1992 D Close Am

02. 1855 O Seated Liberty Half Dollar 

01.  1968 Double Dieded And Double Stamped Penny

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