The Best Way To Sell Old Coins

Do you have coins? Then you want to sell them but don’t know where to sell them and how to sell them.

So all you need to know about coins is which coins you have, how old are the coins and how valuable are the coins you have?

People have coin collections but do not know how to get the best price while selling old coins.

There is a lot of history about coins and old coins are unique and beautiful. The option of selling old coins can be both exciting and useful.

The numismatics require careful consideration and knowledge to provide a successful sale.

In this complete guide, we will help you to get the best way to sell old coins and get the best price for your old coins.

Identify And Research Old Coins

Before selling your old coins, it is important to identify and research old coins that You have the coins.

You can identify your coin by the there date, mint mark, and symbol. You can also use the coin catalogs, online data, or contact with numismatic experts. 

There are many coin organizations such as the American Numismatic Association and coin dealers, coin shows, collectors, and online auctions.

This knowledge will provide a basis for expectations regarding the potential value of your collection.

The Best Way To Sell Old Coins

If you have any rare or valuable coins you can sell them here :

Coin Dealer

Selling coins to a dealer is amazingly profitable. If you search on the internet “ sell my old coins for cash near me?”.

If you want to get money as soon as possible then you sell directly to a coin shop or the dealer. Rather than trying to sell directly to a collector.

However, the dealer will offer you less money than the actual value of your coins, resulting in you not getting the potential value of your coins.

Ultimately the dealer himself has to make a profit. Therefore, this method provides less profit than selling directly to the collector.

Coin Shows

Coin shows are organized in the local market or at the national level. Coin shows have some dealers coming to one place.

In this coin show, there is a dealer who comes with more than 150 coins and sets them up for sale or buying.

The main reason to attend this coin show is that if there is demand for the coin then you will get a good price and it is the Best Way To Sell Old Coins.

Where To Sell Your Old Coins Online

There are serval sites to sell your old coins online but these are the most famous sites for selling coins.


If you want to sell coins online then eBay is the best option to sell your coins online. eBay introduces you to over 130 million buyers.

Where anyone can sell coins and anything can be listed for sale or auction. eBay is a coin auction with clear photos to make more money.


The American Precious Metals Exchange is a metals company and is one of the most respected online marketplaces for coins and currency.

APMEX was founded by Scott Thomas in year of 2000 and it is located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, United States.


What Is The Best Place To Sell Old Coins?

Coin shows, coin dealers, and your local coin shop are the best places to sell old coins.

Which Is The Best Platform To Sell Old Coins?

There are other venues for selling old coins. However, we have selected the best eBay, and APMEX as the best platforms for selling old coins.

Should I clean old coins before selling them?

No, The main reason is that if you can clean old coins, you easily damage them.

What Is The Most Expensive Coin?

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is the most expensive coin and was valued at $ 20,212,100 in 2023.


In the post, we cover everything you need to know, including the best way to sell old coins.

Selling old coins is a challenging task you need requires knowledge, research, and strategic decision-making.

You can sell your old coin on online platforms, local dealers, or auction houses. The historical relevance of your coins will increase your chances of a profitable.

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