10 Most Important Ancient Coins Ever Minted 

 1. The Most Important Ancient Coin: The Brutus “Eid Mar” Denarius, 42 BC 

2. The Athens Decadrachm, 460-430 BC

3. The Decadrachms Of Syracuse, 400-390 BC

4. The Akragas Decadrachm,411 BC

5. The Naxon Tetradrachm, 460 BC

6. The Gold Stater of Croesus, 550 BC

7. The Titus Colosseum Sestertius, 81-82 AD

8. The Portrait Denarius Of Cleopatra And Mark Antony,32 BC

9. The Nero Port Of Ostia Sestertius,64 AD

10. The Final Ancient Coin: Portrait Denarius Of Julius Caesar,44 BC

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